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Herbal Medicine

At Grow Wellness Acupuncture we offer tailored herbal and nutrition consultations to all of our patients, and to those living outside New York City through video consultations. What we eat on a daily basis is the front lines of our health and our healing. Without engaging this daily activity as part of your treatment plan, it is difficult to truly build a foundation for lasting health. When food is not enough, Herbal formulas offer safe and natural relief to the body and incorporate a variety of roots, berries, plants, barks and flowers. They are vital in the treatment of most internal disharmonies, and help promote a youthful appearance and health maintenance along with symptom relief.

Safely Heal and Prevent with Chinese Herbs And Diet Therapy

Herbal medicine is incredibly powerful. So is food. At Grow Wellness we take these therapies seriously and have national board certifications in herbal medicine, in addition to a Masters of Science Degree in Herbal Medicine and Chinese Diet Therapy. Through further apprenticeships and hospital rotations in China, Erin Borbet has extensive expertise in treating Women’s Health concerns and Children with these modalities. We are constantly in continuing education courses to stay current and up to date with modern research in these fields. Unlike pharmaceutical medications, Chinese herbal medicine does not have side-effects. When prescribed by a licensed practitioner, herbal medicine is completely safe and can be taken alongside most medications.

Easily Administered

All our herbal prescriptions are written specifically for your individual health needs and filled at a reputable pharmacy.  There is very little you will be required to do in terms of preparation to take your herbs, and they will be shipped right to your doorstep within a few days.