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“Erin is instrumental in positively changing the lives of the many fortunate people who are her patients. I have the highest respect for Erin as a person as well as a clinician.”
-Mike Berkley L.Ac

“The clinic is incredibly peaceful – a little oasis in the city. I started seeing Erin because of my menstrual pain – it was excruciating and I wanted a natural alternative to pain killers. She was very understanding and empathetic of my situation and I found her bedside manner very soothing. She is so knowledgeable about women’s health that I always know that I’m in good hands when I come to see her. Over time through acupuncture and her herbal formulas, she’s been able to diminish my pain and regulate my cycle. I feel more balanced and have less PMS symptoms now too. I can’t say enough wonderful things about how Erin has helped me! She’s an incredibly gifted healer.”
-Christina, age 31

“As my doula and acupuncturist, Erin was instrumental in my 63 hr labor with my son. Erin was amazing in helping me stay focused and gently guiding my husband and I as we worked through the labor. Her acupuncture skills were instrumental in helping my labor stay consistent and progressing. She was with us throughout the 63 hours and I think she slept even less than I did and was still cheerful and positive. She has a gentle, strong focused energy that was like a beacon during the labor. Her after-care uses Chinese herbs and acupuncture, which helped me recover quickly. I highly recommend her for both her doula and acupuncturist/herbalist skills.”
-Stacey, age 30

“Thank you so much for your patience and help in getting my scalp tingling and hair loss under control. This was at a time when western medicine was failing me completely. Every night I would go to bed in agony and fearful that I would wake up completely bald. Dermatologists and endocrinologists gave
me steroid shots I didn’t need and charged me a fortune basically to tell me what I already knew (which was that I should not have initially changed my hormonal prescription). Acupuncture gave me immediate relief from the pain in my scalp and a calming respite to my day. I got immediate results for my money and it was pleasant to boot. The Chinese herbs (which I admit I was skeptical about) – were a real asset in stabilizing the situation. I have a full head of hair now with minimal loss and only slight tingling at times. Very few doctors (even in New York) have a good handle on hormonal hair loss in women and it was great to have a partner by my side.”
-Laura, age 48

“I have had problems with my menstrual cycle since the beginning oftime. You name the symptoms I receive them in heavy doses each month without fail (nausea, vomiting, cramping, heavy flow, bed ridden, etc). I took birth control pills for about two years and they did help with the pain but I never liked the idea of using them over a long period time. That’s when my sister told me about Erin, who had found relief for her menstrual cramping. I decided to try to it out but honestly thought that acupuncture would lose the battle. I am glad to report that it has in fact won the war! Erin has been great. In a soothing voice and gentle touch she reassures me and let’s me know her next steps before she acts. I started treatment about a week before my period and in just that short amount of time the difference was phenomenal. For the first time in my life I am actually looking forward to next month’s period. Erin is a miracle worker and a godsend! I feel so much better!
-Jocette, age 29

“Erin, I just took the pregnancy test, it was positive! I’m pregnant!! Thank you for making my dreams come true!!”
-S.T. Age 39

“I pursued acupuncture in an effort to increase my chances of having a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). I met with Erin five times at the end of my third trimester. With my first delivery, I reached ten centimeters in 24 hours (without prenatal acupuncture support). In my second delivery after seeing Erin, I reached ten centimeters in 5 hours and had a vaginal delivery despite the previous C-Section. It is impossible to say with certainty, but I have a strong gut feeling the acupuncture treatments were a factor in the enormous difference.

“Erin is an excellent practitioner. She took a lot of time before each session to see how I was feeling, assess what had worked and what areas needed special attention. During the prenatal visits the treatment helped immensely with sleep and anxiety, as well as back pain and shoulder tension. Having a successful VBAC was the experience of a lifetime, for which I am grateful. Erin and acupuncture were an essential part of this experience and I highly recommend her to anyone desiring as smooth and rich a labor and delivery experience as possible.”
-Mariko, age39

“I had developed tinnitus in both ears. Erin’s acupuncture and herbal prescription relieved the ringing and brought me “back to earth.” Because of Erin, I was able to function normally and felt like myself again.”
– Jennifer, age 36