My expertise is conducting mental health assessments and treatment with children and adults. I’m aware of the barriers, traumas, and impact that undocumented immigrants have to overcome. I was moved to provide this service at an affordable fee to protect and provide the necessary services needed in our communities.

Immigration Psychological Evaluations aids families and individuals in the immigration process. A comprehensive, expert evaluation conducted by a License Clinician can be invaluable to an immigration law court case. An immigration psychological evaluation is utilized in the immigration court system to determine eligibility to lawfully remain in the U.S. Working closely with an immigration attorney, we gather all the information necessary to support and justify significant hardship that the client has endured. Each client thoroughly undergoes a biological-psychological-social evaluation where we assess the level of impact on the client’s mental, emotional and social functioning. If applicable a diagnosis and recommendation for further treatment will be determined. An evaluation usually takes 2 hours with the possibilities of follow up sessions and/or consultations as needed. A written report will be provided to the immigration attorney and a copy for you as the client.


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