Meditation by the sea


I enjoy sharing the benefits of movement and breath with the community of all ages and diverse backgrounds. My hope is to integrate the practice of yoga and mindfulness to cultivate a loving caring relationship within oneself and each other. I received my Yoga Certified Teacher Through People's Yoga and I am deepening my practice in connecting the mind and body.

  • Mindful Yoga- Cultivates a practice of mindful breathe and movement. Finding awareness within the body, mind and breathe. ​

  • Toddler Yoga- Practice fun-filled yoga poses. Combining play, movement, and breathing. Parents and toddler will have an increasing feeling of well-being and relaxation.

  • Kids Yoga-children engage in playful movement, breath, meditation and fun activities. In the practice of yoga, children develop skills to improve focus, confidence, balance, strength and overall benefits to their health.

  • Family Yoga- We stretch, breathe and strengthen our minds and bodies through movement and games for the family to enjoy. It's a way for everyone to spend time together in a fun and joyful way!


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