Gratitude Creates Miracles!

I hope that in the daily gratitude practice you found some ease and peace. Perhaps, this daily practice can go beyond the month of November and become a daily practice in your life. You may be able to include this by choosing to be grateful for 1 to 5 things every day. By increasing our appreciation of all the good things we have in our lives, we start to experience our day-to-day with more joy.


There is Power in gratitude. Have you experience a tough time in your life and years later when you look back, there's a tiny bit of gratitude inside of that storm. However, in that moment, it is the worst experience ever. In our darkest moment, it is so difficult to pull up positive emotions. Yet those glimmers of hope is what gets you through those moments. I'm not saying we have to accept it or be happy. But having appreciation for what we have leads to building resilience. There's a shift in perspective when you begin to give gratitude to the smallest things in our lives. You begin to find healing in having gratitude for what we have in this moment. As this gratitude practices becomes a regular part of your life, it starts to build positive emotions. This then leads us to allowing life as is. Scientifically there is research demonstrating that the practice of gratitude has positive physical and mental benefits in our life. It has the power to change the chemistry inside of all of us. The practice of gratitude as a spiritual practice is equally as powerful. When we experience life blessing it expands in every area in our life. Our internal state switches from paying attention to everything that is wrong to everything that's right. Soon life begins to feel so good, you start to believe that anything can happen even miracles. And that's because it does begin to happen as soon as you start to trust and believe. I know that getting started is unimaginable, so receive from others and allow for this practice to grow slowly. Below there is a meditation practice and how to begin a gratitude journal.

Gratitude Journal

Create a journal with the intention of expressing gratitude. Be expressive when sharing about what you are grateful for. Sharing about the experience as a journal entry helps in recreating all the things, events or people which makes this process more of a personal practice and not just a thing to do. Making this a regular practice is just as powerful as a daily practice.

Gratitude Meditation

Take a moment and breathe. Bring your hands over your heart.

Turn your attention to this present moment

and follow the breathe coming in and out.

Clear your mind and focus on your breathing.

Notice the sensations happening in your body right now.

Now bring your attention to something that surrounds you,

perhaps something you can see, hear, smell or feel.

Take a moment to mentally appreciate one thing about what you have chosen.

Maybe this moment brings back a memory, a sensation or a feeling.

Can you remember something that you appreciated during that time.

Now once again bring back your attention back to yourself.

Deepening the gratitude with each breath you take.

What are you experiencing inside :)

If this energy fills your heart, keep that energy with you for the day.

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