• Edith Arias

That Self-Care Start-Up

This is a unique opportunity that we are being presented with at this moment in time. Notice if you are connecting or disconnecting with yourself while we are being asked to retreat in our homes. Become aware of any external distraction that is disrupting this connection.

For some of us, this quarantine has impacted us for about a month. Others have had more or less time social distancing. And then, we have the essential workers that are in high-risk environments. With the changes that have impacted our lives, take a moment to see what has contributed to where you are right now. Take a look at what came up and let’s make an open observation without judgment towards ourselves.

See our emotions are currently showing up in our body, and our body is responding to the unconscious and conscious mind. The response, whatever shows up, is a natural response to the current state of our immediate and global world. I encourage us to make a conscious effort to increase awareness of the way we are taking care of ourselves. We may need to keep our natural response in check or make more of an effort to keep up our practice.

So there, just start taking care of yourself again during this pandemic. Just practice self-care? This sounds so easy, but if you are like me, it is one of the most frustrating things to do. I often think of self-care as pampering moments that I can’t wait for. However, self-care is also ugly, making decisions that may be hard to follow through with. I enjoy using the 5 love languages as a tool to show myself a little love and appreciation. 5 Love Languages Quiz. I use this motivation to create a practice for difficult self-care. The part that we all have a difficult time with is getting started. So let’s do this together! I’m offering this tool to get you started with a weekly plan. For this week only! I will be sharing my favorite way to practice self-care, which is yoga, mindfulness, and a little journaling. If you are interested in joining just send me an email to add you to the class. I will also share some resources, to have a guided practice.

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