A Community of Coaching and Support


For Frontliners, Practitioners, and Providers

Is stress taking over?

Is your personal care hanging by a thread?

It's time that you go from stressed and burned out to ReVitalized in your body, mind, and spirit

so that you can finally feel connected again.

Re-Connect to your Wellness!

THAT is the path to a healthy and stronger commUNITY.

Discovering your path to your well-being will help you thrive during this time. 


This is a community to support frontline workers, practitioners, and providers who want to maintain their well-being and prevent burnout. You usually know what you need to do.


The problem is taking care of YOU while helping others. 


Join this supportive coaching healing community: 

  • for accountability and understanding

  • looking to improve your well-being

  • struggling to maintain your wellness

  • burnout is a real concern

  • some rest and relaxation

What happens when you join:

  • Manage your well-being

  • Understand self-care as a practice

  • Discover stress-reduction tools

  • Prevent burnout

  • Community care is essential


I understand how this CAN happen and HOW it happens. I have been there and struggled with taking care of myself too. I want to support you while you are being of service to others. It is my honor to hold this space for you!


For the last decade, I have dedicated my practice to supporting clients, providers, and communities with their wellness. I integrate therapeutic techniques, life coaching tools, yoga, and mindfulness. Utilizing this holistic approach, I have seen great outcomes and growth for clients, providers, and communities. 


This community is an opportunity to share space to replenish and reconnect with yourself during this difficult time.


Hi, I'm Edith,

Wellness Practitioner

I am a licensed clinical social worker, yoga instructor, and wellness life coach. I've been rooted in service and wellness. I grew up as a youth community advocate and a young yoga enthusiast. I know first-hand the struggle of keeping up with your wellness and overcoming burnout. I have been part of community organizations, government, and non-profits. Believe me, I understand the need in our communities. At times, the support that is needed is limited or beyond the capacity that some organizations can provide. I intend to provide the extended support and community that is needed during a difficult time, especially when we are facing it ourselves.

Let's Grow Together!


Yes, I want to join the community, 

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