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Wholehearted Healing

I am sure You have heard the saying 'healing is a process.' Well, once you get on that healing journey, you encounter moments when you are OVER the process. You've finally reached a destination where you healed! and then…..


Back on another healing journey or perhaps you just don't know how to move on to that next level of WELLNESS.


The answer is to Creating a WELLNESS PRACTICE

This is the path to healing and growth into the life you'll love!


A Personalized Wellness + Coaching Program

Do you wonder how therapy and coaching are different?

In therapy, the focus is to resolve and improve areas in yourself to find your way back to a sense of balance. Therapy helps you understand your past wounds and pains. A therapist guides you through the difficulties you will encounter.

In coaching, we create accountability to overcome obstacles to help you reach your desire goals. Coaches provide the support you need to make the changes in your life. Coaching helps you with any present challenges and explore with you the possibilities you envision in your future.

How is this program, my method different?

Both coaching and therapy lead to living a life of positivity and fulfillment. Therapeutic Coaching bridges Therapy and Coaching. Through therapy, you overcome and heal to become a healthier version of yourself. And coaching supports you to take action to help you move forward in your life.

I created this individualized wellness coaching program, Wholehearted Healing, because of the work and support I’ve provided to my clients and communities. In this program, we dive in to discover your path. There is no right way to wellbeing. This journey is uniquely yours. Together we step into the areas that need healing. You continue to grow as you create the changes. I support you through the challenges we face with letting go, creating, and maintaining our wellbeing. This is about learning and exploring how to transform yourself.

Hi there! I am Edith Arias

I want you to know that I was there. My journey to healing started after I became a therapist. I had the education and theory but I did not know how to get started, I did not know how to apply it. I started therapy when I became a therapist. But what helped me through it all was my wellness practices. This was the foundation of my healing, growth, and continues to support me in all that I envision in my life.

As a wellness practitioner, I connect my expertise as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Wellness Life Coach. I integrate mindfulness and yoga into my practice.


Live and Love with

Your Wholeheart

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Yoga Instructor

Wellness Coach

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